Think of your home town. Or village. Everything feels so familiar. Like any place that you know from where you live, you have a memory. A story of a time you were there. 
For example I walk out of my front door. To the right there’s a little part of tiled flooring surrounded by walls on 3 sides of 4. Recently I remember sitting there with my friend and we were freezing cold and locked out. We just sat there and played on sim city until my parents came home. 

There’s a field that in the summer me and all my old friends would go to and just lie down. We’d play music and talk and just lie there.

There’s a specific part on a specific bridge that me and my friend from out of town sat on to watch a parade go by at Christmas.

There’s a little path that runs parallel to the park that I remember me and my bestfriend walking down on bonfire night in the dark screaming our heads off everytime we heard the sound of a fire work.

Right outside a block of offices not to far away from my house there’s a little place that me and my friends went to when she needed to take pictures of me for her photography.

I’ve lived in the same place my whole life (I’m now fifteen) there’s places and people and things that make us remember some of the best memories of our lives and just now thinking about all the unextraordanary mundane places right outside my door they all have a special meaning to me.

So anyway whilst driving three hours to my relatives house who we’ll be staying with for this week, I looked out my window and saw all these places and houses and I just wondered what it would be like if these were familiar and I had memories of these places. And Idk I just started to see all these places I was seeing and all the places back home in a new light. I know it’s a bit random but I just thought it was an important thought.

What are your favourite memories of places at your hometown?