Switching off..

So for real i tried this. I went with out social media for a week. Lost all my streaks. Didnt check my instagram. Nothing for a whole week.

So at the end of the week how do i feel? I dont care about keeoing my streaks anymore tbh. I used to have loads with people i didnt even know or actually speak to in real life. (If you don’t know a streak is on snapchat a number that appears next to a person and the number tells you how many days in a row you and that person have spoken for. You don’t even have to have a real conversation. Most people just send a blank screen twice a day and that’s usually enough to keep the streak going). So anyway I now only have 2 streaks. One with my bestfriend and one with my boyfriend and I find I spend a lot less time actually on snapchat.

Now onto instagram, after a week without it I now find I don’t care about sticking to a strict feed theme. I just post what ever whenever and just hope it looks nice. I don’t post as many selfies and I don’t take as many selfies. 

I also have found I don’t even check the likes anymore. I post what I want to post because I like it. Not because I want other people to like it.

I also have found I don’t spend as much time looking at other people’s pictures thinking about how much better their lives are than mine because I really don’t care. 

And all of this is because I logged out for 1 week!