Living a bit more

Sometimes I just think about something I really want to do and instead of just doing it in the moment I think oh I’ll do it another time.

But thus is what I’ve been trying to stop because I think that’s not what I want to be like. I want to be spontaneous. Living by the moment and doing all the things I’ve always wanted to do. 

This is a really awful picture but Idk I’d just always wanted to so I got in one and my friend pushed me and it was a good laugh.

Also we decided we hadn’t been to the cinema in a while so we watched sing and then straight after we watched the Lego Batman movie. We parkoured from the standard seats to the premium ones and tbh they were just as comfy as the standard ones just a bit bigger.

So yeah basically I just wrote myself a little list of all the little things I wanted to do and then make sure I would actually be able to do them and ngl I felt a little sense of joy and achievement everytime I did something that was on my list.

Geordie Shore Inspired

Clothes and Accessories.

  • Figure hugging clothes eg. body con dresses, tight tops
  • Onesies in chill time
  • Fake nails are common on the girls. French tip, neon, nude, semi see through, dark
  • The darker the better. Orange is attractive. Fake tan regularly to keep the glow.
  • Hoopy earrings, metallic looking watches, sparkly rings.
  • The lads like to show their muscles off as much as possible so tight tops or vest style tops.

Hair and Makeup.

  • The main hair colours are either blonde, ombre,or dark. Very long usually extensions.
  • Not very many hairstyles are used, down, mid pony, half up, messy bun, messy low pony, usually straight but occasionally wavy or even curly but rarely natural.
  • The lasses with brown eyes sometimes like to use pale blue contacts.
  • They all (including the lads) like to look bronzed, Instant or overnight tanner.

Attitudes and Behaviours.

  • Every night is about having a good night. Getting mortal and having a wicked time.
  • Lads can be just as good mates as the girls but sistas before mistas.
  • The girls all seem to have a “don’t mess with me” sort of attitude.
  • Constant competition with the lads to see who can pull more girls.
  • Kick offs need to be resolved. If you’re in the wrong, own up and apologise.
  • It’s okay not to wear much makeup during the daytime as you can get dolled up when you go out an that.
  • Not really about relationships, more about flirting around and pulling different people.
  • Inappropriate jokes are relevant. Always
  • I’ve also noticed that they use their hands a lot when they talk.
  • Every girl has a lad. Do not go near someone else’s lad or kickoffs will happen.