Realising my fears…

Recently I’ve had a lot of choices. To choose between what I really want to do or not. And most times I choose no. I think I’ve realised that I’m a bit scared. Of stepping outside my comfort zone and of trying new things no matter how much joy I think it’ll bring me.

Next week I am going to stay with some family members and I’ve decided that while I’m there I’m going to try to, no matter what, to do things that scare me a little. I’m just going to say to myself ‘just try it. Say yes. Do it’ and wish me good luck!!! I’ll keep you posted!🌙

Switching off..

So for real i tried this. I went with out social media for a week. Lost all my streaks. Didnt check my instagram. Nothing for a whole week.

So at the end of the week how do i feel? I dont care about keeoing my streaks anymore tbh. I used to have loads with people i didnt even know or actually speak to in real life. (If you don’t know a streak is on snapchat a number that appears next to a person and the number tells you how many days in a row you and that person have spoken for. You don’t even have to have a real conversation. Most people just send a blank screen twice a day and that’s usually enough to keep the streak going). So anyway I now only have 2 streaks. One with my bestfriend and one with my boyfriend and I find I spend a lot less time actually on snapchat.

Now onto instagram, after a week without it I now find I don’t care about sticking to a strict feed theme. I just post what ever whenever and just hope it looks nice. I don’t post as many selfies and I don’t take as many selfies. 

I also have found I don’t even check the likes anymore. I post what I want to post because I like it. Not because I want other people to like it.

I also have found I don’t spend as much time looking at other people’s pictures thinking about how much better their lives are than mine because I really don’t care. 

And all of this is because I logged out for 1 week! 

Living a bit more

Sometimes I just think about something I really want to do and instead of just doing it in the moment I think oh I’ll do it another time.

But thus is what I’ve been trying to stop because I think that’s not what I want to be like. I want to be spontaneous. Living by the moment and doing all the things I’ve always wanted to do. 

This is a really awful picture but Idk I’d just always wanted to so I got in one and my friend pushed me and it was a good laugh.

Also we decided we hadn’t been to the cinema in a while so we watched sing and then straight after we watched the Lego Batman movie. We parkoured from the standard seats to the premium ones and tbh they were just as comfy as the standard ones just a bit bigger.

So yeah basically I just wrote myself a little list of all the little things I wanted to do and then make sure I would actually be able to do them and ngl I felt a little sense of joy and achievement everytime I did something that was on my list.