May Favourites

Okay so I went outside like an hour ago to take some pictures for this blog and then I came back and put my phone on YouTube ready to write this and I saw that Zoella has put up a May favorites like lit 2 minutes ago (as I’m writing this). Bit spooky not going to lie.

So this will be a quite chatty style post and if you don’t really like that you could probably just look at the pictures. If not then read on!!


So firstly starting off with skincare, the first thing I have really been loving this month is the Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean cleansing milk. I think I might have got this for Christmas but I’ve only really started using this quite recently. I think it’s really good for not only taking the makeup off but I find it really moisturizing and it doesn’t hurt my eyes when I take my eye makeup off either. Also it’s for all skin types so theirs a plus. I also think this smells soo nice omfg it smells really summery and fresh I think.

Next the lil tub thing. So yeah that’s Pore Pow Wow Face Mask and its by a brand called Creightons which idk if they have their own shop but I found this in pound-land and i thought i would try it as it was only a pound. So inside it’s a very thick rich creamy butter type thing. And it smells so nice but like i don’t actually know what it smells of (I’m so bad at describing scents). So you just need a tiny little bit and you just massage it into your skin and then after like 5-10 minutes just wash it off and my skin feels soo clean after I’ve used this and it’s nice for when you just need like a pamper day at it really feels like your treating your skin. I deffo think that for a quid it was a pretty good bargain.

DSCN1189   DSCN1188

Okay so for scents I think these two are my favorite springy body sprays. They’re not as cheap as some other ones but I think they smell amazing. The first one from Victoria Secret I got from an outlet so it was a bit cheaper but it smells so fruity and floral. It’s Mango nectar and Hibiscus. It’s smells so summery and sweet.

The Hollister one which is I think is peach flavored but it doesn’t say, is a lot sweeter than the Victoria Secret one. It smells so nice and whenever I wear either of these body sprays I get compliments on them.


Okay now onto lips and this is probably the most expensive thing on my favorites and I think it was like around £18. This isn’t the packaging that they still sell this lipstick in I don’t think. The shade is Soft Bloom by Clinique and I think this is the absolutely perfect springy summery shade. It’s such a pretty colour and it’s perfect for school or the weekend. I’ve used mine soo much and I really need to get a new one. I think it is quite expensive but I think it’s really worth it tbh.


The next lip product is a liquid lipstick by Rimmel London and its called Apocalips. It doesn’t actually say what shade or colour it is so sorry about that. It’s a very similar shade to the Clinique lipstick above and I think this is such a nice lipstick and it’s really thick and moisturising. It’s not drying or sticky, it’s just soo nice.


This is my final lip product. Whenever I wear this people always ask me what I’m wearing. Well it’s actually from Primark and it was only a pound!! I think it’s such a pretty colour. It’s such a nice consistency and so easy to blend out and build up.


The top swatch is the Primark lip liner.

The middle one is the Clinique lip stick.

The bottom one is the Rimmel London liquid lip lacquer.


The next product is called Double Act. I’m not really sure if that’s the brand or the products name but basically its a bronzer and pink toned highlighter together. And it comes with the little brush. I’m not too keen on the highlighter as I don’t think I suit pink highlights but I absolutely LOVE the bronzer. I think it is super easy to blend and apply and I think it suits me pretty well.


For a while now I’ve been really loving this mascara. It’s from Soap and Glory and it’s the Thick and Fast mascara. I just think it makes my lashes really longer and thicker and nice. It doesn’t really separate the lashes very well you do kind of have to separate them yourselves because the mascara quite clumpy. But once they’re separated they look really cute.


The last beauty related thing ( i think ) is this Primark stipling brush. This is like my holy grail brush. I use this for foundation, concealer and buffing in my bronzer or highlight sometimes. I’m not really sure if they still sell these as I tried to find one the other day but I couldn’t actually find it again.


I think this choker is soo kayoot. So I sometimes think that a black choker is just like too much and I found this and it’s just like so perfect for when you want something but the black is too harsh. It’s from primark.



This is the book I’ve been reading recently and its dead funny. If you’ve ever read any of the Angus, Thongs and perfect snogging books or seen the movie and that’s you kind of humour then you’ll love this book. Like I actually laugh out loud sometimes when reading this (which can be quite embarrassing in public) and I like the characters and the story line and I just think its good.

So that’s all for this month, I hope you enjoyed this or found it useful or helpful in someway.

-P xoxo