Geordie Shore Inspired

Clothes and Accessories.

  • Figure hugging clothes eg. body con dresses, tight tops
  • Onesies in chill time
  • Fake nails are common on the girls. French tip, neon, nude, semi see through, dark
  • The darker the better. Orange is attractive. Fake tan regularly to keep the glow.
  • Hoopy earrings, metallic looking watches, sparkly rings.
  • The lads like to show their muscles off as much as possible so tight tops or vest style tops.

Hair and Makeup.

  • The main hair colours are either blonde, ombre,or dark. Very long usually extensions.
  • Not very many hairstyles are used, down, mid pony, half up, messy bun, messy low pony, usually straight but occasionally wavy or even curly but rarely natural.
  • The lasses with brown eyes sometimes like to use pale blue contacts.
  • They all (including the lads) like to look bronzed, Instant or overnight tanner.

Attitudes and Behaviours.

  • Every night is about having a good night. Getting mortal and having a wicked time.
  • Lads can be just as good mates as the girls but sistas before mistas.
  • The girls all seem to have a “don’t mess with me” sort of attitude.
  • Constant competition with the lads to see who can pull more girls.
  • Kick offs need to be resolved. If you’re in the wrong, own up and apologise.
  • It’s okay not to wear much makeup during the daytime as you can get dolled up when you go out an that.
  • Not really about relationships, more about flirting around and pulling different people.
  • Inappropriate jokes are relevant. Always
  • I’ve also noticed that they use their hands a lot when they talk.
  • Every girl has a lad. Do not go near someone else’s lad or kickoffs will happen.

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