How much is my face worth?!


This post is a How much is my face worth/Daily makeup routine.So I’ve seen on a few people’s blog and I thought it looked a fun thing to do. So basically all you do is list all the products that you use on a daily basis and add up how much they cost altogether so let’s get started!!


So most mornings I start  with Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser. This feels so nice and creamy on my skin. I just put a few blobs on my skin and just rub it in gently with my fingers.



Next my everyday foundation is… yes it’s pound land! Lol. It’s a good colour match for my skin and I find it really easy to blend. I use my real techniques foundation brush to evenly blend it out. I think it’s really good for evening out my skin tone.



I usually wear two concealers every day and first off I use Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in 1 Fair. And I apply this starting at the tear duct and apply it all under my eye and blend it up to my temples (it’s really hard to explain). And then I apply the Pound land Miss Beauty Liquid concealer over the top like all under my eye, like right under it (again quite hard to explain). And then just blend those two together.




Next is the Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder. This is a really good powder. Not too pigmented either. I use a little fluffy brush and dab it under my eyes over the top of concealer.



I’m sure I’ve mentioned this in another blog. From Savers and it was only a quid!! I use this for contouring my forehead and cheekbones and nose and sometimes jawline. I just use the brush it comes with. And then to blend it abit more I use a firm short length brush to buff it in.



For brows I start with this and quickly fill them in. This makes sure all the hairs are going in the same direction and the product has something to stick to.



Then I define them more fully with the end shade on the right of this Revolution Redemption Palette Essential Mattes 2. I just fill in the top and bottom line and then inside and blend it with a brow brush.



Then for Eye shadow I use the Naked 2 palette.I use the shade tease in the crease and blend it up onto the brow bone. Then I use bootycall, which is a sparkly champagne colour to the eye lid and top of brow bone and tear duct too.



For mascara atm I’ve been using this Soap and glory thick and fast. I curl my lashes first and then just apply a few coats of this.



Primark. I usually just line my lips with this and then apply the eos over the top to blend it out.



I just use this to blend out my lip liner and also it’s so moisturizing and I just love it. I would really recommend one of these.



So that’s pretty much everything ( continue reading for the extra makeup that I couldn’t find the price of for some reason) and the grand total is……….




My mate got this for me so I’m actually unaware of where she got it from or how much it costs but its my favorite blusher. Bella Pierre Mineral Blush Desert Rose.


French connection Bronzer. So I checked how much this was. It actually came in a set with two brushes a makeup bag and a cream eyeshadow and altogether they are £14 but I’m not sure how much it would be individually.


Lastly is this cream palette. I use the top left highlight and I absolutely love it. I also use the shade to the right of it for defining my brows. I’m not sure how much this is as I got it second-hand off my mate and her mum got it for her so we’re not really sure where it’s from.

Okay so thankyou for reading. Also give my instagram a follow @peachipebbles and comment on my recent any requests for future posts.

-P xoxo


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